Welcome to A1 Marquees

A1 Marquees use a top quality modular aluminium frame marquee system. We stock a wide range of Spans: 10' (3m) 15' (4.5m) 20' (6m) and 30' (9m) These are available in many different lengths per span.

The beauty of our Marquees or Tents is that they can also be linked together to form any size or virtually any shape. So you can have the marquee size you really need - You will not be lumbered with a marquee that's too big and be paying for space you do not need - Nor one that's too small for comfort.

Our Marquees / Tents can be erected on a variety of surfaces e.g. grass, tarmac, concrete, block paving, gravel etc., so you can have your marquee where you want it.

Indeed, it is very popular to erect a marquee on a patio area attached to the house like an awning so you can walk directly into the marquee from your conservatory or lounge.

This is particularly useful in winter so you don't have to venture into the cold before you get inside your marquee. In fact we can also install heating so that even in winter you can have a warm comfortable marquee. In the summer it is handy to be able to remove the side walls if it gets too hot or you want to appreciate the surroundings while still having a roof over your head - Our Marquees allow you to do this!

No matter what the occasion: Corporate events, Weddings, Party, Corporate Hospitality, Corporate Entertainment, - whether large or small, private or public - we have the expertise and the equipment to serve your needs.

So Whether you're looking for Party Ideas, Wedding Planning, Party Supplies, Event Planning, you can count on A1 Marquees to provide you with the Marquee / Tent to make your Wedding | Corporate Event or Party a huge success!